Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Living Room Before and After, Courtesy of Kilz

 After spending 3 years in battleship grey barracks rooms, the husband's only request when we moved in was that we paint everything as brightly as possible. Actually, purple&green is pretty tame for us. Remember when A&M lost in 2008? He painted our bedroom in Texas Burnt Freakin' Orange!
Our eggplant and sage 

But, we're going be getting the house on the market soon, and we realize that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for the color wheel. I was really dreading covering up the three layers of purple that we'd slathered on the walls, but it actually only took 1 coat of Kilz and 1 of topcoat. Hint: tint the Kilz the color of your topcoat.

The finished product with mom's painting in the background.


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