Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trolling at Target

I originally started shopping at Target because they have (in my opinion) prettier stuff than Walmart for about the same prices. But, I've recently learned a few tricks that have helped me get some killer deals at Target. It isn't all essentials, but there's nothing like getting exactly what you want on the cheap. Basically, there are 2 things you need to know to shop Target effectively:

Tip 1: Scour the endcaps that aren't facing a main aisle, basically, the hidden endcaps. Clearance stuff gets put here and you can find some awesome deals.

Tip 2: go to Target's coupon policy allows you to redeem 1 manufacturer's coupon AND 1 store coupon per item. I wait until I have both coupons and the item is on special (look at the weekly ad) and then I snap it up: I can usually get Nivea body wash for about 50 cents, Garnier facial moisturizer for about 2 bucks, and toothpaste (typically Aquafresh) for free-50 cents. If you're watchful, you can also find great deals on shampoo&conditioner, coffee, and other pantry items, too.

So, here's where #10 (a ridiculous amount of situational awareness comes in):

I noticed in Target's weekly ad this morning the the TargetHome curtain panels were on sale for $12 each.  We needed 4 panels for our living room, so that would have been $48 bucks, which would have been decent on its own.

But, Target had a coupon online for the same curtains, "Buy One, Get One 50% Off." So, off we went, expecting to get our curtains for $36 bucks- an awesome deal.

Buut, when we got there, I checked the endcaps, just in case. And there they were. 4 panels, marked down from 24.99 each to 7.48 each. 

All four panels cost us $22.44 after coupons. Not too shabby. Sorry for the picture quality, btw.

So, that concluded #9 of my top 10 list for cheapo living. Next up: #8- online shopping.

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