Friday, June 15, 2012

#2:Daily Deal Sites

This is going to be a quick post without many pictures- our little girl is turning 2 tomorrow and I have cupcakes to bake!!!!

My favorite daily deal site is probably Groupon. If you aren't signed up, you should be! They're fantastic for getting super deals on family outings and restaurant discounts. They also periodically email promo codes worth  $5 or $10. Our first ever Groupon was for tickets to the Seattle Aquarium.The kids would have gotten in free, but each adult admission costs $19.95. Groupon had them for just $10 each AND I had a $10 promo code, which effectively made our tickets 5 bucks apiece! We felt pretty bad for the couple in front of us....they wound up forking over more than 100 bucks to get themselves, their kids, and their friends in. It was an awesome outing, though. Ms. Toddler kept saying, "wow!" and at the end, she got to pick a stuffed animal from the gift shop, which made her day.

The deals are time-sensitive: you have to buy it when you can buy it, but the expiration dates are fairly long, so we've never had an issue getting to use them. My most recent score was an all day pass to Vertical World, including shoe rental for 3 bucks, which made for a really cheap and awesome father's day gift. If you're looking for dining discounts, try GrouponNow, but be warned, most have to be used the same day they are purchased.

Other sites to try: LivingSocial and Saveology

 For upper end clothing, I really like MyHabit. It's owned by Amazon, so if you have an Amazon gift card you can use it there. Shipping is always free and new events begin daily at 9 am PST. When the site first launched, I was lucky enough to get a promo code for $25 dollars, which I turned into free shoes for the husband.

For home furnishings, OneKingsLane. I've seen everything from OXO kitchen tools for cheap to Frette linens.

And while this isn't a daily deal site, if you're going to eat out, I'd highly recommend a trip to They offer discount gift certificates in several denominations depending upon the restaurant. Typically, you'll pay $4 for a $10 certificate, $6 for $15, and $10 for $25. Minimum checks do apply, so it's helpful if you know what you typically spend at the restaurant you're purchasing for. Remember to go through Ebates! I paid 3 dollars and change for our last $10 certificate.

Next and Last: My #1 Tip for Cheap Living...Getting Paid Creatively (relax, it's perfectly legal!)

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