Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shared Kids Room Ideas

Our oldest kids fuss and fight like any other siblings. But, they're also only 14 months apart (you gotta have 'em when the hubby isn't deployed!) and in a lot of ways they are more like twins. They have their own language, they snuggle, and left to their own devices, they pile into each others beds. For the next few years at least, they'll be sharing a room, and I can't imagine they'd want it any other way. However, it's important to us that they have shared space and also their own space, even if it is contained in one room. I don't know when we'll own our own home again, or even when we'll be able to get our stuff out of storage. But, it never hurts to think ahead ;)

This is so bright and pretty, and would be easy enough to pull off in a rental.

                                                                                                      Source: via Cocoa on Pinterest

This particular room is pottery barn, but Ikea makes a very similar day bed. The L- shape would help make the most of a small room. Love the built in storage!

                                                                                      Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Well, it wouldn't work forever, especially if our little man gets as tall as predicted, but I love the semi-partitioned space. Allows for privacy and makes the most of an awkward roof line. If our family were more sea-faring, I'd paint each triangle up like a sail.

                                                                         Source: via Maribel on Pinterest

Obviously, this is room for two little girls and wouldn't work for our kids. But, the limited color palette, and similar materials make the room look cohesive while still allowing for individuality.

                                                                                             Source: via Sofie on Pinterest

Yes, I know this is a crib :) It would be so easy to build a toddler size bed into an extra closet. So cozy for a kid!
                                                                                 Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

This probably comes from being a semi-only child ( my half sisters were grown when I came along) but I love the thought of our kids sharing a room. Am I nuts? Do your kids share a room? Love it or hate it? I'd appreciate any feedback!

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