Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exterior Doors Cost How Much?!

Our 3 exterior doors needed varying degrees of help. The basement door we replaced- there were just too many dents in the steel. We considered replacing the back and front doors, as well, but that would have been ultra expensive. The cheapest door we found that we both thought looked decent was 300 bucks. The ones we actually liked ranged from between 500-1500. We looked at the local salvage yard; while we found some really great doors, salvage is "in" up here, so by the time we bought them and gave them a face lift, we wouldn't have saved any money. So, we decided to work with what we had.

Here's the inside of our front door. I slathered wood putty into all of its dents and dings:

Then sanded and taped:

And applied our trim color, Olympic Ebony, which is really more of a midnight blue, but I suppose it looks black if you squint at it long enough :)

Bad lighting, but you get the idea...

And gave the other side the same treatment:

1 door saved and at least 300 bucks trimmed from our construction budget!

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