Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty Lighting, on the Cheap

We just scored what might possibly be the deal of the century. It meant braving Lowe's on a weekend, but it was worth it. We'd been using a paper lantern from the bachelorette pad with a lightbulb stuck in it (which is probably the ultimate in Lighting on the Cheap) over our dining table for a while. It was very college-apartment chic. We knew we wanted to replace it, but couldn't find anything we loved. And then we saw this:
Kichler Chandelier
It's a Kichler and was originally $124, which means there was no way we would have bought it. Not that it's a bad price for quality lighting, we're just that (insert one: cheap, frugal, tight with a buck.) We snapped it up for $20. How? We were lucky enough to happen upon it at Lowe's as they were changing out their display models. They had some awesome deals...we saw pretty sconces for as low as $4! To sweeten the deal, it came with all the CFL's that it needed for the 5 up-lights, and an ultra-expensive LED bulb in the down-light. All we had to do was clean the heck out of it- display models get dusty!

We got so lucky on this one. I've also found some amazing deals by stalking stores' weekly ads and the good fortune of being friends with people who work retail. I also think that holding out for something you love, at a price that you're comfortable with always pays off in the long-run. Even if it means pushing thirty and eating your mac-n-cheese under a paper light for a while :)

Oh, and I still love my paper lantern- we're going to hang it in our baby girl's room, where it'll be much more age-appropriate.

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