Friday, June 17, 2011

What We Did (And Did Not) Accomplish This Week:

We didn't make any more progress on the kitchen. We're still in Scandinavian Cabinet Land and will be until I get some energy.

Here's what did get done and what I'll be sharing later this week:
  1. My door project: I'll be posting a detailed rant about this door, just in case anyone reading is ever stupid brave enough to think of doing this at home. I don't recommend it. This is one project that I'm filing away under "live and learn."
  2. The lighting over the dining table. It's beautiful and we got it for a steal!
  3. A DIY pot rack that husband whipped up out of galvanized pipe.
  4. Our gorgeous bathroom, sooo close to done, we just need to put in baseboards, but I can't wait to show it off!
  5. And most importantly, baby girl's 1st birthday. It was a chocolately, cheese-pizza-filled blast and we aren't done celebrating yet :)
The next major project will likely be either roughing in the basement to make one heck of a workshop for husband or refinishing the rest of our hardwood floors. For myself, I am officially big pregnant and uncomfortable. I will be spending the rest of my time putting my swollen and puffy ankles up, though I'll continue to stalk the husband's projects and keep the updates coming.

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