Monday, July 30, 2012

More Free Paint!

Most of our furniture makeover projects are either done for free or on the cheap. I get a lot of free paint...Ace Hardware periodically gives away a quart of flat paint per household on specified Saturdays. In any color you choose.

You'll need this form here if you want one. If you don't Facebook, check your junk mail inserts for the Ace ad. Should be one in there.

I love their Clark and Kensington paint. We recently painted a dresser in it and the coverage was phenomenal. They have a shade called Cannonball, which is the absolute most perfect charcoal-y black. One word of caution, I tend not to use this paint is I'm planning on distressing a piece. For that, I'll use something that has a thinner formulation. If you're just getting started with furniture painting, I'd suggest getting a great soft black, grey, and white first. Then maybe filling in with a teal and a red- those 5 colors are super versatile for mixing at home, too.

I'll have pictures of the aforementioned dresser soon, too. But, posts will be few and far between for a bit because.......we're moving!!!!! In two months!  My wonderful husband is being discharged from the Armed Forces and let's just say they aren't big on giving you a ton of time to prepare ;)

We'll be stopping off in Texas to regroup and reorganize while we scout for houses. And then we'll be packing up again! This is a wonderful time for our family, but we are going to miss terribly the friends who have become family over the past several years.

Happy Monday and enjoy the free paint this Saturday!

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