Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living Room Redo

If you've seen our "living room", you know it's a challenging shape- long, rectangular, and divided by our fireplace.

one iteration of the living room- I miss those colors!

The best way I've found to work with it is to divide it into three separate areas- dining, fireplace, living. We previously had a mammoth of a corduroy couch- very comfy but way huge for the space. It made our modest living area seem miniscule.

To really play up the space we do have, we decided to go with a more modern, streamlined looking this one....

Theatre Sofa in Edelman All-Grain Leather
But not this one. Because it is almost $7,000 dollars and that just isn't gonna happen! So, where to go for designer knockoff furniture? Ikea, of course:

 SÄTER 2.5-seat sofa, Fräsig dark brown Width: 77 1/2 " Depth: 32 1/4 " Height: 29 1/2 " Width: 197 cm Depth: 82 cm Height: 75 cm
The color isn't as cool, but for 400 bucks, I'm not complaining. And I've got a trick up my sleeve to "customize" them that I'll show you later, too. If all goes well, they should be delivered in 2-3 weeks, right before we host Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Ikea also does a really great job of knocking off high-end light fixtures and Saarinen tables, too.

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