Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Ikea Finds

Good morning! Enjoying my coffee and trying to keep our 90 pound mutt from obsessively licking our son's face.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that Ikea was our go-to source for knock-off replicas of interior furnishings. I showed you the couches we ordered, but you can see them here if you missed that. I though that I'd share some other finds with you. Here they are:

First up, a gorgeous Pottery Barn lamp:

Cole Task Table Lamp, Antique Silver finish
credit:Pottery Barn

This retails for about $150.00. Absolutely gorgeous, but I'd want two, and I'm not going to drop $300 for two lamps. Not with kids and dogs in the house ;)

Here's the Ikea version:

BAROMETER Work lamp, nickel plated Height: 19 " Base diameter: 7 " Shade diameter: 6 " Cord length: 5 ' 5 "  Height: 48 cm Base diameter: 18 cm Shade diameter: 14.5 cm Cord length: 1 m 65 cm

Retail is about 50 bucks. And while it isn't quite identical, I think it's pretty close. And for a third of the price, it looks even better.

Here's an artichoke lamp. Designed by Poul Hennigsen:

Artichoke Lamp - Small, White

It'll run you between 7k and 14k, depending upon the size. Or you can get this for about 40 bucks:

KNAPPA Pendant lamp, white Diameter: 18 " Height: 14 ¼ " Cord length: 15 ' 5 "  Diameter: 46 cm Height: 36 cm Cord length: 4.7 m

Saarinen Tables- my Dad has two reproduction Saarinen side tables in his house. My sister is also an interior decorator. Here's the fun part: my Dad has her absolutely convinced that they are the real deal. She has been trying to get him to give them to her for the last million years. There were a couple of times I though she was going to wet herself. It is hilarious watching her trying to convince Dad to hand over his side tables, but even more so watching Dad pretend he doesn't know why she wants them so badly. Anyway, the real deal isn't cheap:

Saarinen Dining Table 42 in Laminate

Depending upon size, you can expect to pay anywhere between 2k and 4k for this table. Or you can own this one for about 200 bucks.

DOCKSTA Dining table, white Diameter: 41 3/8 " Height: 29 3/8 "  Diameter: 105 cm Height: 75 cm

So, a few fun knock offs at a fraction of the price :)

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