Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Better Pictures of Our Kitchen Reno

Well, it's actually just one better picture, but I'll take it. We had a bit of sun, so I took advantage and photographed the kitchen. It is really, seriously hard to get good quality indoor pictures in the Pacific NW even with a good camera and lots of lighting. It just doesn't happen. But, I got my one pic, so I'm a bit happier now.

Loving it, though of course I would forget to hide our delightful trashcan :(

Back to it, then. I'm stenciling the curtains in our living room, so hopefully, I'll have that ready to show you on Friday. I can already tell that getting a good pic of the finished product is going to be challenging, though. If you've ever lived in this area, you know all about the "bright, dreary gloom" as I like to call it. It's just this weird grey haze with just enough light bleeding through to make everything look hazy. Good stuff! But, I'm almost done with our curtains, so stay tuned :)

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