Monday, February 13, 2012


Lately, I've been seeing teal everywhere. It looks so up to the minute without being overly trendy or obnoxious. Teal: it's the new neutral lol.

When I saw this room with all of the different teal, turquoise, and green elements mixed with a little pop of red, I knew that teal would totally work in our home. Granted, our decor is nowhere near as stunning as this picture, but it does have many of the same colors going on, particularly in our living room.

Source: via Anaika on Pinterest

And then I saw this picture. I love love love the wall color. I got a quart of paint in as close to this shade as possible. More on that later.

But how to blend it in? I think it looks fantastic with white.

And grey. Grey looks amazing with everything, though.

Whomever did the glaze technique on this piece is my hero.

I recently scooped up a pair of grey Foo Dogs from the clearance section at Target- half price, baby! Really and truly, I'd had my eye on the red Foo Dogs, but they were full price and I figured the grey would be more versatile anyway. 5 bucks each? Yes, please! I'll show them off soon.

Ready for a tangent? Here we go! My grandmother has so many things in her home (it's gorgeous, btw) with the Chinese peach symbol. My dad collects Ho Tai, the little man whose heart was too big for his chest, so it slipped down to his belly.

I like Foo Dogs. I also like dogs in general, too :) Ok, Foo Dogs are actually lions, but all I see are fluffy puppies. I mean, what's not to love about this dude?!

Source: via C on Pinterest

So, I'm off to do something white, and teal, and grey, and fabulous all over. I'm thinking it might be time to tackle our mantel once and for all, too. Wish me luck!

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