Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Burlap Wreath

And....we're back! It's been forever, a camera malfunction, and a trip to Texas (literally and pics to come) since I've posted. Things at home have been hectic- what with my husband getting out of the military in 6 months and all of us getting sick, we've logged 11 doctor's appointments in the last 15 days. Anyway, onto my latest door wreath. I whipped this up while watching a movie with the husband. It was so cheap and simple. It came out a little more "fall" than I was hoping for, but I still love it.

First I took an old grapevine form I happened to have laying around. Even if I had to buy one, I've seen them on sale as cheap as 3 bucks at Michael's.

This past Christmas, we'd gotten a section of burlap to serve as our tree skirt, but it wasn't as full as I wanted, so I just cut it up into strips about 3 inches wide along the length of the material.

Then, I just started wrapping away, securing the ends of each strip with a hot glue gun.

Once I got it halfway wrapped, I went ahead and placed the zebra striped flower where I wanted it, then continued with the burlap. The flower came from a floral stem at Michaels's...I used the husband's tin snips to cut the stem and that was all. I really love the zebra print. I wouldn't say I went wild over it or anything, though. Haha, oh I crack myself up.

After I'd finished with the burlap, I took a chocolate satin ribbon and placed bands over the burlap, first working diagonally right to left, then placing them left to right. Does that make sense?

I realized I needed away to hang the sucker, so I cut another strip, folded it in a triangular fashion, and liberally hot glued it to the back. Voila. It's been hanging for a couple of months now, even holding up through a small wind storm, so it's definitely sturdier than I thought it would be.

And TaaDaa! Love it. My mom-in-law saw it and asked me to make her one :) Big smile there- the lady is ultra artistic and creative. Then, she said, "No make me two; I have more than one door." I think we're actually going to make these for everyone's Christmas presents...the plan is to swap out the chocolate for everyone's favorite color. So simple and inexpensive. If you make yourself one, do send me some pictures!

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