Friday, January 13, 2012

Inexpensive Dining Room Decor

Here she is:

Our dining room is so simple, but it really sums up my taste and my husbands'. When we first married, everything was easily identifiable as "his" or "hers" but we seem to blending it into "ours" a bit better these days. We still need a centerpiece or maybe some linens, but that will come.

Here's what we spent and where we got it...

Light fixture: $20 from Lowe's. It was a display model and was being sold as they changed out their stock. It also came with all the bulbs- CFLs for the up lights and a terrific LED for the down light. Our Lowe's store almost always has clearance light fixtures. If you can butter up an associate who can tell you when the displays will be changed, so much the better.

Wall Hanging: Housewarming gift from a family member. No idea what it cost, just know that it came from an antiques dealer in Dallas' Design District.

Table and Benches: From Walmart, believe it or not. They're part of BHG's collection. They're now sold with chairs and the entire bundle is about $270. You can check it out here. I think we paid about $100 for the table and $60 for each bench, so about $220 all in. My only complaint is that the stain on the table top seems to scratch easily, but for the price, I'm very pleased.

Rug: $30 from Ross. It was in with a whole heap off stuff, but the zebra just caught my eye. It's a tapestry style rug, so it's very thin.

Curtain Rod: Target Home Collection. We paid $24.99 and they're leftovers from our old house.

Curtains: Linen panels from Ikea. I don't think they still make them, but I think we only spent about $30 for the pair.

Total: $325.00

If you have any ideas for a table topper, I would love to hear them! Big thanks to No Minimalist Here for the link!

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