Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Quick Update

Just got done turning an old sideboard into a double sink to come! I'm painting the bathroom today and we'll move it in there this evening when husband comes home from work.

Baby girl has her 1st birthday in 16 days AND she's trying to walk. Love watching her grow- hate how fast it's happening. We're having a joint birthday/father's day bbq to mark the occasion. For dessert, we're combing her two favorite things on earth; cupcakes and ice cream. Will definitely take pictures of the mess I know that's going to be!

And, hit 30 weeks pregnant with our 2nd today! Our munchkin should be weighing in at about 3 pounds right now. Getting so close.  On a side note, the hormones are kicking my butt. I cried TWICE for no apparent reason yesterday and I do NOT cry. Or bleed when I get cut :)

Anyway, bathroom pics to come soon!

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