Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Walkup and Breakfast Area: Work in Progress

Due to city re- routing, our back door now serves as our primary entrance. The existing walkup was a bit of an after-thought; though serviceable, it didn't really make the kind of impression we wanted.
Our walkup, complete with dirty dog beds.

We decided to expand the footprint and create a small area for us to enjoy our morning coffee in, since we get great morning sun on this side of the house. So, out came the old staircase. We found quite a bit of rotten wood, so I guess it's lucky we decided to tackle it when we did.

The husband, with one of our many Porter Cable implements of destruction

The old staircase.

Then came the platform and stairs:

I love it so really is the perfect place to enjoy our morning coffee. I stained the cedar last night with the our Rosewood stain- we had about a half gallon left over from the fence. It actually looks like rosewood when it's applied to cedar. The railing is going up right at this moment. It would be done, but I asked husband to add more slats, so that it would be baby-proof. It's supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow, but as soon as I get the railing stained, I'll put the pics up.

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