Monday, May 2, 2011

French Doors

When we bought the house, the door to our bedroom was a grievously wounded hollow core. So, we used this for a while:

Ever tried waddling over a baby gate with a 20 pound kid attached to your hip, whilst 6 months pregnant? Yeah, it's fun. So, we went to Lowe's just to look. Just looking turned into calling a very, very good friend with a truck. Said friend will remain nameless, because, admit it, you'd want to borrow his truck, too.

But, the French doors were a tad bit wider than the existing space:

Incidentally, the husband hit an actual 2x4, kiln dried, that melted the saw blade. This is what the inside of 90-something year old wall looks like:
Lots of wood and concrete. Actually, that used to be the outside wall where you see the thick shingles. Our suite was a later addition.

2 days later, the doors are up! Still need to stain them, add trim, and put the rest of the hardware up, but here's what we've got so far:
Pics of finished product to follow!

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