Thursday, May 19, 2011

The fence is stained (and looks like a million bucks)!

We orginally planned to fence in the whole property. But, contractors up here are a bit pricey. To the tune of $7500 for about 300 linear feet of fence. Um, no. Husband and Dad-in-law built this fence for the dogs in 2 days, for just a couple hundred bucks, during some of the nastiest weather. But, the weather finally warmed up, and the wood dried out, so I waddled out and stained it.

 We used Lowe's Olympic Maximum deck stain and had it tinted to Rosewood. It only took 1 coat! I'm really pleased with the way my fence turned out. Yup, it's my fence now, despite the fact that I didn't build it and it really belongs to the pups.

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